Sunday, July 31, 2011

30 Weeks!

Oh Boy (literally)! I am 30 weeks pregnant! I now go to the doctor every two weeks for a check-up. I went this past week and everything was still going good. I have gained about 24 pounds total (only 3.5 of which are the baby)! His heart rate had been in the 130s the last two visits. He moves CONSTANTLY throughout the day-poking and jabbing every which way. Jeff and I like watching the "Parker Show" each night as he moves around like a fish.

I am excited because we will be getting the keys to our new house this week, which means I will get to start putting things together. I shopped and shopped and shopped when I was pregnant for Lily, but, sadly, Parker has very little right now! I did get his bedding at IKEA and am looking forward to putting his room together soon. My sister also has clothes for me from Ty and Nolan.

Overall, I feel like a normal pregnant woman. Some early symptoms of pregnancy are back-tired easily, a little light-headed in the morning, etc. It is getting more difficult to breathe and sleeping isn't nearly as much fun as it used to be.

Stay tuned for pictures of the new house :)

Swimming Fun!

Last week, we beat the heat by going for a swim at my in-laws. My nieces, Caitlyn and Avery, were here last week and my neighbor Lisa and her three kids came too. Holly, Evan, and Callie also joined in the fun. Traci even came along! It was fun to see so many kids in the pool. We even had a picnic lunch outside.

Poor Avery got so tired that she was falling asleep in her floaty!

Kali (my neighbor's oldest daughter) was very good to entertain the kids!

Kelsi was all smiles!

Karson was the only boy swimming :)

A fish from my MIL's aquarium

Friday, July 29, 2011

More Traci Pics!

Traci is in Muncie for a visit and brought me a CD of the pictures she did a couple weeks ago in Florida. Here are some of my favorites...

Thank you Traci for doing this!! Love my talented best friend :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The current state of our house...

As you can see, we are in the processing of boxing up our house. For those of you who know me, I really don't keep a lot of things, but I feel like we have TONS of stuff to pack. Maybe it is because I am 30 weeks pregnant, but I am not very motivated!! Jeff was good to help me pack the dining room and start the kitchen this weekend. I have been taking stuff out of closets and boxing that too. We are hoping to close on our new house on Friday (hopefully Monday at the latest) which means we will have possession next week. THEN, I can start taking things and putting them away. My sister will also be here the first weekend of August and I know I will need her organizational skills :) Lily is having a great time in the boxes and enjoys decorating them. She has been marking them with a "Q" for Quinn as well. Whatever keeps her busy. I will keep you all posted on moving to the new house!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's official...

...our first home belongs to someone else! Yesterday morning, we had the closing on our house on Janney. We signed all the paperwork and finished the deal. I am relieved that the process of selling is over, but sad to think about moving away from the first home Jeff and I have lived in together. This is also the house I lived in during my high school years, so it I am extra sentimental about it. We did meet the lady buying our house, and she was really sweet. She has two little girls who love the colors our the rooms we painted here. She was very excited about moving and that made me happy!

We have 30 days from today to get things packed and moved. Speaking of moving, we should be getting close to closing on our new home. There have been so many hoops to jump through for the loan process. That is all we are waiting for. Lets hope that we can close on the new house this coming week. After we close, we get the house 2 days later, so we can move our things right away. Sarah made a trip with me to IKEA, and I am very excited to get things decorated on Benton street! Please pray that the bank gets everything sorted out so we can have a smooth transition!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

28 Weeks!

I am so lucky to have two great photographers in my life! Megan, my cousin, did pictures of my belly at 25 weeks. Traci, my best friend who lives in Florida, visited us on vacation and was kind enough to do pictures of my belly on the beach. She is going to be sending me more, but here are a couple she gave me to look at. These were taken last Thursday and Friday, so this counts as my 28 week photos!

She did a couple of night photos on the beach as the sun was going down. You can see how pretty the sky was! She also did some in the morning (the teddy bear one above). I wasn't the best person to work with because I almost passed out during the morning photos. I don't know what is going on with me, but I have been feeling sick again in the mornings. UGGH!

Traci is one of the most talented people I know, and I am so lucky to have these memories from her. Sarah and I were joking that Lily will be jealous one day because I was awful at remembering to take pictures when I was pregnant with her, and Parker has all of these professional ones! Thanks Traci ( for spending time with me laughing and taking these photos! Love you!

Siesta Key!

We just got back from our trip to Siesta Key! We were there for 10 days, so we had a lot of time to enjoy the beautiful beach. The weather was great and the ocean was warm!

Sarah was a trooper with a three year old and 10 week old. Nolan wasn't the biggest fan of the heat, but he did a great job on the trip.

I didn't have a 28 week pregnancy picture post because we were gone, but Jeff snapped this picture of me tanning my belly!!

We came all the way to Florida and Ty was still playing baseball!

Traci came on Thursday night and had dinner. She spent the day with us on Friday (even did some pictures!) It was AWESOME seeing her!

Big Olaf's ice cream was a huge success! We had their ice cream three times :)

Nolan spent many hours bonding with his cousin Parker (AKA the belly bump). He loved napping there :)

OF COURSE, everyone LOVED the beach!

One day we went to Venice Beach to look for shark's teeth...

Here is the family picture we snapped before Jeff left. This might be one of our last pictures as a family of just three.

Not only were Sarah and Pat with us, but my SIL and BIL (Holly and Eric) had planned a vacation just down the beach from us without us realizing it! We saw Holly, Eric, Callie, and Evan a couple times.

Jeff went home on Sunday (he had to work), but Lily and I stayed for a few more days. One day, we went to Mote Aquarium with Holly, Eric, Callie, and Evan.

I snapped a picture of "Jeff's" Restaurant!

Ty and Lily played really well together the entire time (they were a little wild, but not too much fighting). They kept themselves amused...

Here is last night's sunset-BEAUTIFUL!

Sean, Pat's brother, came with us! He was a lot of fun (and very helpful with the kids and luggage!)

I was thankful to enjoy some relaxation. It was nice to have no agenda!