Sunday, June 28, 2009

4-H Horses

finally got Lily up on the horse

loving it with aunt hannah

hannah...warming up

I think this horse is Sis

nice horsey

as you can see, lily couldn't get enough petting in!

king enjoyed the pat

hannah...looking confident!

of course, even at the fair grounds, lily must be stylin' in her shades!

We went and watched Hannah ride King today. She is preparing for competition at the fair. She is getting so confident on her horse, so it is fun to watch her do events. Lily loves to see the horses (as soon as we pull up she makes a horse sound).

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Monica and Chris' Wedding

cutting the cake

it was very good!

this picture cracks me up...what is my dad doing?

sarah, monica, kendra and I

first dance

pour some sugar on me

not sure what dance move I am doing here :)

still madly in love after 4 years!

sarah and pat

jeff and i

ryan and kendra

Sorry there aren't more pictures. Jeffrey was in charge of the camera, but he probably wasn't paying attention because he was watching a hunting video at the wedding on somone's laptop (don't ask)

Today, our friends Monica and Chris got married. Their wedding was at St. Francis, and the reception was at the Elks. Everything was beautiful (especially the bride). Hats off to Monica for planning such a wonderful day. We are so happy for the newly married couple. Have a great honeymoon!

New Deck!!

the finished product!

the gate to keep lily inside

lily's approval

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deck Beginnings

the before picture

we will not miss the concrete steps...

either will lily's poor legs (she is so scratched up!)

had working man

solar powered lights...the quinns go green!

ooooo...sidewalk chalk

she looks so big in this chair!

so happy to be coloring on the ground

she is actually crying here because she was stuck trying to get every last toy out

carrying too many things!

aunt sarah started the whole sit on a ball thing

deep thinking

a much needed drink break...hey, playing is hard work!

she loves kissing baby callie

This weekend, Jeff started building our deck for my birthday gift (yes, I love to get home improvement projects as gifts). He worked all of Father's Day as well. It is still in the making, but here are some pictures of the process. I added some of Lily playing while Jeff works too. It is obvious by the amount of pictures I take that I should be focusing more energy on more important things (such as school), but it is much more fun to follow Lil around with a camera! If only I could make money doing it :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Like father or like mother?

lydgia in goodland

lydgia's birthday-maybe three or four?


together we make...LILY :)

We have some old photos of Jeff and I. Jeff was looking at the pictures of me and thinks that Lily definetly has my attitude! I scanned in a couple, so you can compare.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Beatin' the heat!

scooping water out of the pool

the cold hose was a hit

callie-staying cool in the stroller

watering the grass

this was lil's favorite thing


always enough time to eat

callie enjoyed the pool

cody liked licking lily


both girls actually looked at the camera

callie and holly

what can I say about this face?

I happened upon the Fisher Price Little People set from when Sarah, Stephen, Aaron, and I were little. I washed them up and set them up for Lily to play with. She was in heaven. I can't believe she is playing with toys that I used to have fun with. Thanks to mom and dad for saving them :)

Little People zoo and lift and load station

airport and farm

campground and pool

It has been a busy week! Tuesday, Lily woke up with a rash all over her body, so, after going with me to cross country practice (actually Callie was with us too!), we went to the doctor. She said it wasn't anything serious-just a reaction to the fever/ear infection she was getting over. Lily looked bad for a couple days, but the rash has gone away (thank goodness). With ears all better, we went swimming today. It was hot out, so the water felt nice. I think we swam for nearly 4 hours at Grandma Chris' and Grandpa Pat's house. Callie, Chris, and Holly joined in the fun. Chris even cleaned and set up a baby pool for the girls! On a bright note, I finished one of my graduate school classes this week :) Looking forward to my 26th birthday tomorrow and Father's Day Sunday!