Monday, August 27, 2012

Running on empty

Monday, Monday!  Where would I be if I wasn't running one hundred miles an hour?  This weekend, we had our second cross country invitational.  It was a hot day for running, but I was proud because my sister (who runs for me, poor thing) finished 7th! 

I forgot how hard the balance was between work, graduate projects, coaching, mothering, and being a decent wife (poor Jeff gets that least amount of my time).  School is challenging because I have a student who speaks very little English.  He is from India, and it is really teaching me a lesson in patience and persistence.  I haven't the slightest idea how to teach him English, but we are working on it!  My first graduate project is due in a few weeks, so my evenings have been dedicated to this work.  I hardly see my babies, but at least they got the summer with me :)  Parker's b-day invites have been ordered.  My goal is to get them out this weekend.  I am excited for this little man's celebration, although I cannot believe it is almost here.

No complaining here though because I am happy with everything going on in my life.  I do better when I am busy-although I wish my kids would figure out how to sleep through the night.  At least we have an endless supply of Mt. Dew in our house.

Already looking forward to the long weekend and some time with my big sis and sweet nephews! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

11 Months Old!

Parker is 11 months old today.  This means I need to get busy on his first birthday!  He was cranky tonight and is already asleep, so I don't have his monthly picture yet.  I have been putting together the picture book of his first year, and it seems like yesterday that I was getting pictures of my growing belly.  Now, Parker is all over the place!  Everyday will him has been a blessing.  This month, he has started walking around.  I was so happy he took his first steps when I was home with him on break.  He is still a little unsteady, but I love watching him wobble around.  Although, this makes for more falls and bruises.  He also doesn't want to be confined because he wants to be on the move.

He pushes around anything with wheels.  He especially loves Lily's shopping cart.

I have been able to capture a few short videos of some steps.  He is so excited about his new skill!

He is working hard at getting his top two teeth.  This poor boy and teething!  It is painful and a long process.  He is eating EVERYTHING (well-vegetables can be a challenge).  He especially loves pasta and bread.   He is still as smiley as ever, and his hugs and "kisses" make my day.  He and Lily have a love/hate relationship.  She likes playing with him one minute, but then he goes after her toys and we have a fight.  She is very rough with him and will be in trouble when he learns to fight back.

As you know, I started school this week, so the kids are spending lots of time with Mimi.  I already miss our days together and hate the rush of the evenings.  How long until Christmas Break?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My 8th year starts NOW!

WOW!  Where did summer go?  Monday, marked the beginning of my 8th year of teaching.  We had teacher meetings the first day and worked in our classrooms today.  Tomorrow, I will welcome 26 third graders to my ocean themed classroom where we will all dive head first into the new common core standards :)  I am always nervous for the first day because I never feel prepared.  Anyone who is an elementary school teacher knows how stressful it is to have nearly 30 kids come in with arm fulls of schools supplies, trying to find their desk and cubbies!  At the same time, it is great to welcome a new, eager group.  I also moved classrooms this year (I finally have carpet-no more loud hardwood!). 

Am I ready?  Probably not completely.  But hey, after 8 years, I think I will make it.  If not, there is always recess!

Oh yes-it has been hard to be away from my kids (they will probably forget who I am in the coming weeks with work, cross country, my graduate school internship), but Mimi says they have been wonderful!

If you don't hear from me soon, I have gotten caught up in lesson plans!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday and Anniversary

On Tuesday, we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday AND on Sunday, he and my mother-in-law will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  Since I have a spare moment, I wanted to post to wish them a wonderful weekend.  I have said it before, but I am extremely lucky to have them as my second set of parents and Lily and Parker are very lucky to have them as grandparents (and even though Jeff isn't posting this, I know he is thankful to have them as parents).

Grandma Chris and Papaw Pat-we wish you a wonderful day!  Thanks for all you do for us.  We can't wait to celebrate with you :)

PS: Pat, if you want your hair styled before the party, I am sure Callie and Lily would be more then willing to help you out!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lots of posts in one...

I am very behind on posting.  The closer we get to school, the busier things are getting.  Last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the boys' and girls' cross country teams headed to the Indiana Dunes for some running in the sand.  Boy, was it hard!  Great workouts and a fun time.  I was happy to take Lily and my mom this year.  Lily was in heaven on the beach.  It is neat that she is getting older and can share in these experiences with me.

Friday was also Jeff's birthday.  We celebrated the weekend before with our families by having dinner at our house (after a long day of having a rummage sale).  Then, on his actual birthday, we had dinner and cake at home.  Saturday, I surprised him and we met up with friends at Bonges, a great little restaurant in the middle of nowhere.  We did some tailgating before dinner (it is a very different kind of place) and then ate some Perkinsville Pork.  It was fun to get out with just adults!

I have also hardly had time to do anything but keep up with this wild man.  At 10 1/2 months, he has started taking his first steps.  I cannot believe it.  It is so cute to watch him wobble around!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fairy Fun

We had a really girly weekend!  Lily is at such a fun age.  She still loves to be around me and is able to appreciate doing fun girly things with me!  Saturday, we went with my SIL, MIL, and niece to Minnetrista's fairy evening.  It was very cute seeing all the little girls (and some boys) dressed up for the event.  The girls had fun looking for fairy houses, doing crafts, and watching a play.  Lily let me put curlers in her hair the night before (my mom and grandma used to do this to us all the time), so she was all dolled up for the occasion.  It is awesome having Callie, my niece, so close in age.  They have fun together!

Sunday, Lily convinced Jeff to let us go get a pedicure.  This was so much fun!  She loved it, and of course, I loved the company!  Hoping for many more mommy/daughter memories like this :)