Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keys100 Ultra Marathon Weekend

tim and traci
celebrating with a margarita-day after race


race sign

getting ready to start

all smiles for now!


our view the whole time
runners on bridge sign

done with the 7 mile bridge

10 down...
traci's medics

20 down...

on a bridge

a little rest

my first marathon
finally...dry clothes and bathroom!

more bridge running
the face of exhaustion!

30 down...

soup at hand and smiles

getting iced down

20 to go

what your don't know is that the sign was holding me up!
still running

40 down...

finally the sun begins to go down!
at least I saw a beautiful sunset

night gear

final stretch...3 miles left
traci...bringing me home

50 completed!!!

being stupid before the race (should have been thinking strategy!)

at the park before the start
mixing our gatorade

stupid fun as always!

the car
car to keys
our race gear

traci with her grandma and mom

on traci's boat
always happy to be around each other
traci and her dad

dinner on Thurday night

we were in the Pope room
arriving in Florida

I made it back alive :) After a grueling 11 hours and 29 minutes, I completed the 50 mile trek across the Florida Keys. It was bittersweet because my best friend Traci had severe dehydration at mile 12 and was not allowed to continue on with me the rest of the way. I cannot tell you how scary it was to watch her get so sick and weak. Her hands even tightened up, and she could not move them. I was so proud of her-she went another 2 miles after and then medics decided it wouldn't be smart for her to try and go any further. I love her to pieces and was so sad that she could not accomplish this goal that she trained so hard for. I thank God that she is well and was able to continue as part of the crew to help me finish (even after medics wanted her to go to the hospital). She and her father were truely my inspiration for finishing. She finished the last 3 miles with me...trust me, without her I wouldn't have been able to take another step. It was a wonderful accomplishment. I learned a lot about myself. I know now that I can do anything I set my mind too. I look forward to watching Traci run next year!!! Thanks especially to Traci, Tim (Traci's husband) and Jaime for driving alongside me, giving me water and ice and the motivation to keep moving. AND thanks to Traci's amazing family for being down there to support. I am so thankful that Traci's father, Robert, is healthy and cancer-free! For that, it was very much worth it (even if I still can't move properly!).