Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Part One (Muncie)

reading to Papaw Dick

ty and papaw

playing at the window

at the greiner thanksgiving

sarah and ty

eating cheerios

steve and ty

with mimi and papaw jim

playing with ana

time for a rest-too much turkey


being silly

mom, aunt bev, and sarah

father schott and nana

look at all the girls!

big boy

getting ready for the big day

look at my skirt and boots!

my favorite, sweet smile

brushing her own teeth

What a busy few days we have had! Sarah, Pat, and Ty arrived on Tuesday night. They spent Wednesday hanging out at our house while Jeff and I were working. Ty also got his first haircut :) The parents got a night off and went to dinner at Scotty's (we were able to celebrate Aunt Holly's b-day and see old friends). On Turkey Day, we went to Nana's around 11:00 for our first meal. We played an intense game of "Apples to Apples." Later in the day, we went to the Greiner side Thanksgiving at Ontario. It was a really nice time! Today, we visited Papaw Dick (my grandpa). It was only the second time he has gotten to see Lily and Ty. A much needed family nap followed this afternoon!

Monday, November 24, 2008

10 months old!

I am almost shedding a tear with this post-Lily is now is the "double digits" of month's old! Jeff and I were watching her brush her own teeth this morning (since she won't even let me help), talking about how she has become so independent. Amazing how, in less than a year, she has gone from a tiny, laying around newborn, to a hilarious, personality filled little girl! I keep trying to soak up as much of her as possible-especially during our time on the weekends. We spend time dancing to Disney tunes, folding laundry (because that still has to get done) and playing with whatever we can get our hands on! She also took 4 steps to me this weekend! I look forward to the coming months as we celebrate our first major holidays as a family of three. I will take some pictures tonight to post if she is feeling a little better. Also, watch for some Thanksgiving Day snapshots!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chilly Days

no, the flash did not cause this face-this is Lily's new "funny" face

dental care!

she enjoyed brushing herself (and screamed when I took the brush away)

this is exactly how I felt after this week!

Probably wondering where we have been...BUSY...that's where we have been! Lily has been fighting a cold (which has not been fun for anyone involved). She is also taking steps (so close to walking everywhere). Our washing machine bit the dust, so we had to purchase a new one this week (Merry Christmas to us-Happy Laundry). Work has been crazy for me and hunting has been keeping Jeff busy :) Now, we are getting ready for the holidays. We can't wait until next week!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Callie and Lily


waking a sleeping baby!

so tiny

sweetie pie

Today, we were able to meet baby Callie in person! She is beautiful and so tiny compared to Lillian. Lily was pretty interested in her (it was hard to get her to be gentle, but that is understandable). It is exciting to know that the girls will grow up close in age!
A side note: I have no idea why Lily's nose looks twice as orange in pictures as it really is. When looking at her in person, it does not look this bad!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

4 Generations

Another Megan original...I have been wanting this picture, and we were finally all together to get it. How beautiful it turned out! The hands are my nana, my mom, me, and Lily.


More Halloween

These are pictures Megan took!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Halloween!

walking around the neighborhood with dad

cute little monkey boy

sailor caleb

riding around in style

the highlight of lily's night-one large cell phone!

very creative!

our little flower

flower and monkey boy

Lily celebrated her first Halloween last night (we thought her being a flower was only fitting!). We went to Maria, Jason, and Lucia's house for our annual party and dinner. The kids were all dressed up. The night was beautiful, so we were able to walk the neighborhood. Then, we enjoyed a great taco dinner and visited until Lily was ready for bed. Thanks to Aunt Julie for the baby friendly treat of puffs! These are some of the pictures I took. I will post some of Megan's when I get them from her (she took some great ones!).