Monday, January 26, 2009

The Big One-Lily's First Birthday!

eating her new kitchen food

new kitchen from grandma chris

second party-ready to fall asleep!

love the shirt

ready to blow out her candle

always funny

callie and lydgia

pushing ty around-this girl has power

playing with caitlyn

ty in the paper mess

the paper was the best part

steve and sarah

looking at her cards


new running shoes

cousin callie

cousin caitlyn

cousin ty

partied out


cupcake cake

taking a snooze

all I can say is...poor callie


the quinn boys

the balloons were a hit

Sorry this post is a couple days after the fact, but I got really sick the night of Lily's party. I am recovered and excited to share some pictures from Lily's big days (the first party was at my house with immediate family and then Jeff and Sarah celebrated with Lily at my Nana's on Sunday while I was at home sick). I can't believe a year ago we were just bringing our little 7 pound baby girl home from the hospital. Now, at 22 lbs., she is running around (literally), saying words, and making our world a much happier place with her smile! It is cute to see her cart around baby dolls and play with her kitchen set and fake food. Time has gone way too fast, but I have loved every minute of Ms. Lillian! What a wonderful set of family and friends she has been surrounded by these last 12 months. We appreciate everyone who has been a part of it and look forward to many more years of memories!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun-filled Weekend

spending time reading

looking up from her book

won't give up the paci!

taking a horse ride on papaw

lily with one of her favorite people

ty is marching to the cymbals

can't resist the blue eyed girl

bowling a frame at Lucia's party

setting up the ball

loving all the colored bowling balls

being silly

Olivia waiting her turn

lyndsey and ana

megan and matt

sarah and jordan

lucia-at her 3rd birthday

lily and meg

mimi and ty

opening gifts

can we go out in the snow?

wanting to go run with the dogs

ty loves the dogs

our 3rd puppy dog!

This weekend, Ty and Sarah came to visit while Jeff went to work in Dayton with Pat. The babies played together very nicely (except for the one black eye that Lily gave Ty-by accident of course!). On Sunday, we celebrated Lucia's 3rd birthday at the Ball State bowling alley. Lily was in heaven watching all the kids play. She even got to roll a ball down the lane a couple times! We also took Ty and Lily to get new shoes since they are both growing and moving around so much. It was a wonderful visit-the moms even got to watch a movie and enjoy a glass of wine one night! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Angel

this is fun!

hard to walk in

Lots of cold weather and snow made Lily excited! We escaped the house for a few minutes of fresh air and let her trudge through her first snow. Lily liked the fluffy white stuff (especially the dogs trying to run in it).