Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

We just got back from a weekend trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH. It is an awesome indoor water park about 30 minutes from my sister's house in Dayton. My parents had the idea to go. We were able to get everyone together and make a fun trip of it. Lily and Ty were troopers! Lily had no fear and loved every minute of the water. She even went down the water slides they had for kids. They had a really neat toddler play/craft room that the kids enjoyed. Stephen, Sarah, Hannah, and I sat down by the pool and played cards last night. It was nice to getaway for a little bit before going back to work. Here are some pics of our trip...

ready to go!

ty and lily on the kid water slides

lazy river

best buds!

we could see the roller coasters at King's Island from our balcony

here are some pictures of some of the slides and water parts

Lily LOVED going down these blue slides. After flipping and going head first the first try, she figured out how to balance her weight and went down the rest of the time like a pro! She would always get done and say "again!"

this was the HUGE fireplace in the lobby...Lily would say "big bad wolf" every time we were down here!

Friday night, at the Clock Tower, there was a little sing-a-long PJ story time for kids

Lily and Ty met the wolf and gave him a hug!

snapshots of our room...

so great to spend time with all my siblings!

ty went down the big slide!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break

Break has been much needed, although I have spent the beginning part sick! Lily has been a trooper and had allowed me some time to rest and relax. Besides track practice, we haven't had much on the agenda. We did take a shopping trip to Hamilton Shops on Tuesday with Nana, my mom, Hannah, Bev, Ana, Mara, Olivia, and Callie. Lily got a new swimsuit for this weekend's water park adventure.

Spending time outside has been Lily's favorite thing to do!

Jeff built safer steps up to the slide this week. He needs to put some handles still, but I feel much better about these!