Saturday, December 31, 2011


Another year has come and gone! This year we...

Celebrated Lily's third birthday (and found out we were expecting our second baby that same day).
I completed my sixth year of teaching and began my seventh! I also completed more master's classes and finished my sixth season with the cross country team.

We celebrated my mom's 50th birthday and welcomed two new nephews into our lives!

Then listed our first home for sale. Three weeks later it sold. It was bittersweet because we had so many great memories there.

We found out we were having a boy!

We went on vacation to Siesta Key with the Swans.

In August, we moved into our new home-complete with three acres and room to grow!

But a couple weeks later, Jeff fell out of one of these trees and was injured pretty badly.

Lily started preschool!

Jeff and I spent time at home together because I was put on bed rest at 35 weeks. Just three weeks later, we welcomed another LOVE into our lives...

Although this year had some rocky moments, I feel blessed to have spent so much time making memories with all of our families and friends. Everyday I think about how lucky I am to have two healthy, beautiful kids (even though I want to pull my hair out sometimes) and a loving husband. We are looking forward to 2012 and the joys we hope it brings! Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

My Christmas Gift

Having moved into a new house, I am constantly pestering Jeff about starting home renovation projects. I know that they take time-probably years, and eventually this house will begin to feel more like our taste. Well, Jeff surprised me with one house change for Christmas-a new fireplace mantle/surround. You can see how the fireplace started out; a little rustic and brassy for my taste.

Now, it is so beautiful! I came home on Christmas Eve and found a nice, clean, white surround! Love my handy husband!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve (Nanas)

We always have a big family gathering on Christmas Eve night at my Nanas! It is something that has been the highlight of the season for me since I was a little girl. This year, we filled the house again-with hardly any room to walk around! My favorite part was the Christmas play. When I was younger, all the cousins around my age put on a Christmas play. This year, my younger cousins did "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer." It was so hilarious! Props to Elizabeth for such a great production!! I am so excited to watch Lily and Ty grow up and be a part of these plays.

Now-that concludes my Christmas posts! I am off to take care of my slightly sick little boy (ugghhh).

Christmas Eve (The Greiners)

Most of Christmas Eve day was spent at my parents. We opened gifts in the afternoon with my younger brother, Aaron, and his wife Angela. Later, Stephen came up and we did the rest of the gifts. As always, it was wonderful to relax and spend time with my mom, dad, brothers and sisters. The kids had a great time too!

Parker got a new do with Lily's Tangled hair!

Stephen's scooters were a hit!

The cutest little guys!

Quinn Christmas

Better late than never! Here are pictures from our Christmas with my in-laws on Friday. Lily and Callie were hilarious as they ripped through presents. Lily got her Calico Critters (it is what she really wanted) and so many other great gifts!