Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lily's Second Birthday-Party 2

Lily is lucky enough to have had a second, second birthday party! Today we celebrated at my grandma's (nana) with our family. We really enjoyed having everyone there to share in Lily's birthday celebration. Thanks to everyone for coming! We have a terrific family :)

classic lily face

she enjoyed the singing today!

a singing Mickey bag with Little Einstein characters and a singing card made her day! Thanks Maria, Jason, Lucia, and Eli!

making sure NO ONE can take her new Little Einstein characters away!

in her minnie outfit from mimi and papaw!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two Year Check-up

Lily went to see Dr. Byrn today for her 2 year check-up, and it was a nightmare! She hates the doctor's office. Because of this, we have no accurate weight or height. The poor nurse came up with 26 lbs and 34.5 inches tall. Dr. Byrn called Lily "spirited" which is a nice way of saying holy terror! She has met all of her milestones-saying over 30 words and 2 word phrases. She can stack things, jump, and run. We are well into potty training too! Good thing there were NO shots today!!!!

thanks sarah for giving us the idea to use thongs to pick-up cotton balls...this activity kept lily busy for over an hour!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lily Turns Two!

Today is Lily's second birthday! At 9:39 am two years ago we were welcoming our tiny little baby into the world. Now, she is so grown-up! We were able to have many friends and family over tonight to help us celebrate. Thanks to everyone who came. You even watched the Colts game in total chaos for Lily! We love and appreciate you all. Happy Birthday Lily Bug!

The Cat in the Hat came over for a special visit!

The new table from Grandma Chris and Papaw Pat came in handy!

party favors

Lily's second year book I made her

Louisville Theta Reunion

Saturday, Sarah and I drove to Louisville to get together with some of our old sorority sisters. It was nice catching up with everyone and having some fun! It was a much needed night out. Great friends, great times!