Friday, July 19, 2013

Tough Kids Triathlon

For anyone who knows me, this event was such a proud moment.  Lily competed in her first triathlon!  I have done so many races in my day, but nothing compared to watching Lil get so excited about earning this first medal.  I have to say, she has one up on me because I have never done a triathlon.  Her cousin, Callie, did this last year, so I knew it would be fun for Lily.  I am glad the girls got to do it together, and I am thankful to my BIL for helping both girls in the pool so I didn't have to!
Looking forward to many more races with this little lady!

Before the race-even had numbers written on them!


Papaw Pat came to support the girls!

and so did their brothers :)

After the race!


A couple video clips

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July

We drove to Dayton on July 4th to visit the Swans.  We braved to rain to watch their town's parade.  We got a pretty wet, but it was fun!  We stayed in Dayton on Thursday and Friday.  Sadly, the fireworks in Centerville never happened :(  But Sarah and I started painting her downstairs bathroom (can't wait to see the finished product) while Jeff and Pat took down tree branches in the backyard.  The Swans headed back to Muncie with us Friday night, so we got to see them Saturday too! 



Saturday morning, I met my friend Jeanie for the Yorktown 4 for the 4th race.  We had a lot of fun running, and I even placed first in my age group!

Saturday night, we watched fireworks in Yorktown.  It was a fun little festival set-up.  The Clark kids and our kids played together and Jeanie brought sparklers.  These were a big hit with Lily!

My sister helped me to paint our upstairs bathroom Saturday!  I love it!  Thanks Sarah!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Indianapolis Zoo

My brother had the week off last week, so we made a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo!  It was a lot of fun to meet up and check out the animals, especially since it has been so cool outside.  We were happy to spend the day with Stephen and Jason.  Lily loves having other people entertain her.  Parker did really well too, and I think he liked seeing the different creatures.