Monday, December 28, 2009


Lily has been mesmerized by the snow! She would stay outside all day if she could. We went out for a little bit, and I pulled her around the yard. As you can see, she loved it!

She was mad here because she was ready to go outside and I was taking too long to put my boots on!

She also got to paint with a paintbrush today for the first time. She loved washing her brush off in the water cup!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quinn Christmas

Last night, we celebrated Christmas with Jeff's immediate family. As usual, Callie and Lily were running around having a great time! Jeff's brother Dan, his wife Jen, and daughter Caitlyn, came from Columbus. They brought their big dog Blue-and surprisingly Lily and Callie weren't afraid! We had a great time eating, visiting, and opening gifts. Thanks to Chris and Pat for a wonderful night. Lily loves her dollhouse!


callie's mean face

big dog blue-or lily's pillow!

dan, caitlyn, and lily opening gifts

again-the dog was a big hit with Lily!

holly is sportin' her Colts snuggie and Twilight poster

we tried to get a good pic...this is how they turned out!

lily's face says it all!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fun at home!

We have had lots of fun hanging around the house! Yesterday, when Lily got up from her nap, Sarah and I couldn't wait to show her the tent...she was excited! Now, the treehouse has EVERYTHING she owns in it! It has been so nice to be home, relaxing and organizing!

Lily just got up from her nap (notice: no pants and sweaty hair)!

chillin' in her tent!

ty's cool hat

while I was putting things into tubs today, Lily found her tutu and wings from Halloween...

talk about relaxin'-Lily was having a lazy moment at home!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning!

Lily woke up bright and early this morning (5:45 am). She wasn't feeling well, so I was a little worried about the rest of the day, but, after an episode of Little Einstein's to get her going, we opened gifts at home. Santa and Mommy and Daddy got her some clothes, pjs, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Leo's Baton, Little Einstein's books and sippy cups.

After rushing around to get ready, we headed to Mass with Sarah, Pat, and Ty. Lily's aunt Holly, uncle Eric, cousin Callie, and Grandpa and Grandma Quinn were there! We headed to my parents after church for a scrumptious brunch and then more presents! Among her many gifts, Lily received a sled and boots...and Papaw and Hannah had to pull her around the house on it :) It was great to see my brothers, Aaron and Stephen, and sister-in-law Angela. We are so fortunate to have the family that we do! We are so thankful for the people in our lives who took the time to pick out something to give us. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from the Quinns!

Lily's new pjs

she loved the books!

mouth full of stocking candy-what a breakfast!

playing with a potato head with elmo panties on her head!

2 potato heads were in the package-thank goodness-lily could share them!

jeff and pat-relaxing!

my parents' mantle

the swans

the sled was a hit

cute signs that aaron and angie gave the kids

we got my parents a treadmill...lily broke it in!

Lily's new tent from aunt sarah, uncle pat, and ty (sarah and I put it up during her nap...can't wait to see her reaction)