Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Girls (Happy 1st Birthday to Caitlyn)

silly squinty face



what can you say?

a little smile

no, she didn't drink all the coke!

deer in headlights look

Things have been pretty busy around our household. Jeff has been working on our house (and it is looking very nice!) and his parents. Callie and Lily have been spending a lot of time together with the grandmas. School is busy as ever. Luckily Spring Break will be here soon!!! Today, we say Happy 1st Birthday to our niece Caitlyn! She and Ty are having parties next weekend to celebrate their big days!

Callie's Baptism

receiving a blessing

callie was very well behaved

The Jones' Family

sleeping on daddy

Jeff, Aunt Doreen, Pat, Tony, Grandpa Quinn, and Molly

Jen and Caitlyn

Callie and Dave

Funny Hats (you can see the girls were ready to leave church!)

Last Sunday, Callie was baptized at St. Lawrence Church. A lot of family and friends came to visit for the occasion. We really appreciated seeing our family in from Cincinnati and Columbus!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lily just wanted to share some love today! She was so excited about Valentine's Day that she was up by 4:30 am to play with Mom and Dad!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Many Faces of Lily

annoyed (get the camera out of my face)

sweet and innocent (no mom, I wasn't standing in the tub!)

bright eyes (sliding on my belly and drinking water is so much fun!)

toothy grin (one smile and I can get whatever I want...haha)

mad (I want my toy back now)

attitude (whatever)

silly face (don't you like my wrinkled nose?)

model pose (am I cute or what?)

Lily has been under the weather, but that hasn't stopped her from having fun in her favorite place...the bath! She was being silly for Jeff and I tonight. We constantly crack up at the faces she makes. We were able to capture a few that are sure to embarrass her later in life!

Fun with Callie

Here are some fun pictures of Callie and Lily together. They enjoyed Lily's new chair!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Trip to Dayton

happy to run around

ty getting a haircut from daddy

new fade

hi pretty girl!

future moon walker

in front of a B24-like my papaw was in during WWII

getting a history lesson from Sarah

playing together

the cutest cheeks ever

so sweet

making the balls go


ty and lily listening to me read

This past weekend, Lily, Jeff, and I traveled to Dayton to see Sarah, Ty, and Pat. The big boys worked outside in the cold putting siding up. Sarah and I ran after the babies-which is becoming a very tiring experience! We ventured out on Saturday to the Air Force museum and mall. The kids even played in the mall play area (very scary and full of wild kids). They loved it! It was great to spend time away from home.