Friday, December 26, 2008

Quinn Christmas

with grandma and grandpa

nice callie

callie, lily, and caitlyn

the best present of all!

opening presents

new alligator piano (thanks caitlyn)

new dog book (thanks callie)


her bear bank that grandpa klump made

sweet little miss callie

the pan band

just playing

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with the Quinn family. Grandpa Pat and Grandma Chris had everyone over to their house. Grandma and Grandpa Klump even made a trip to Muncie to visit with us. Dan, Jen, and Caitlyn came from Columbus. Caitlyn is moving around a lot! Of course, Eric, Holly, Callie, Tony and Kelli came too! It was a wonderful visit. Lily even took a long nap and was in a good mood for presents. I am especially thankful that the grandparents got Lily a toy organizer. Jeff already set it up, and it has been put to use. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic family!

Christmas Day 2008

Christmas morning...with her puppet

new talking book


singing in the microphone

ready for church

the quinns

the swans

lily with her "lilly" book from sarah, pat and ty

playing with blocks


jeff didn't want a picture

hannah looking festive

hello ty



aaron and angela

playing with garage door

no, she didn't really drink any dew

cool wagon


with gigi (grandma greiner)

playing with papaw jim

this is her "i have something i shouldn't" face

It was our first Christmas as a family of three! It was exciting to have someone else to celebrate such a magical time of year with! We opened presents at home with Lily early in the morning. Ty, Sarah, and Pat were even with us to watch. Then, we went to church (Mimi, Papaw, Steve, Hannah, Sarah, Ty, Pat, Holly, Eric, Callie, Nana, Grandma Chris, and Grandpa Pat were all there too!). It is such a beautiful Mass with the children's choir. Way to go Jason with your wonderful organ playing! We had a little rest after church, and then headed to my parents to have brunch and open gifts. The babies each got a red wagon (which they strolled around in inside the house for a long time). We played some intense games of MadGabs and Apples to Apples then headed home for another rest. We ended the evening celebrating at my Aunt Lynn's house for the Greiner Family Christmas. By then, Lily (and Jeff and I) were ready for bed! Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts and fun times with family! We appreciate you all!

lily-singing in her microphone

Christmas Eve 2008

the entire Greiner family

our little ham

elizabeth and ty

mara and ty

ripping into uncle steve's package

riding the new toys

dancing on the paper

ohhhhhh my!

what is it?

our entertainment....john

uncle russ, aunt jama, and katie

ty's ornament (he helped color)

lily's ornament (she helped color)

clapping at the tree

the leaning tree

aunt bev and olivia

papaw and nana

aunt lisa and uncle joe

steve, aaron, and angela

new book


lily and ty (ty looks just like sarah here)

proud grandparents

under the mistletoe

with uncle aaron

How exciting! It was Lily's first Christmas Eve at Nana's...what an adventure! I thought that she might poop out early, but once the kids started getting rowdy, so did Lily and Ty. She loved all the paper. She and Ty got toys to ride from Lucia, Maria, and Jason. Ty was so excited...his expressions were priceless! It was great to spend time eating and celebrating with so much family. We were a little sad that Daddy Jeff wasn't around (he was sick at home...booo!)