Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No Sew Curtain Project

My sister moved about a month ago, and I just adore their house!  With a new house (especially a much larger one) comes decorating.  She has a finished basement-which is about the size of my house!  She has nice, heavy brown curtains from her old house that she decided to use down there.  The only problem: they were about 5 inches too short!  This weekend, when we were visiting, she decided to do a no sew project to make them longer.  It is always an adventure trying to do projects with 4 kids, but this one turned out nicely!

Step 1:  Take down the old curtains and find fabric to add.  We were lucky to find sale fabric that had the same colors as her couch pillows.


Step 2: Buy heat n bond (found at JoAnn's) to use for the seams.

Step 3: Cut new fabric to length and put heat n bond on all seams.  Iron on the fabric that is being attached and then pull off the paper layer to iron both fabrics together.  This is so easy and there are good directions on the package.

Step 4: Hide seam (if you choose) with ribbon or cording.  We found a really nice leather ribbon that made them look great.  We just hot glued this on.

Step 5: Hang up the curtains!  We were impressed at how easy this was and how nice it turned out.  Who has time for a sewing machine?!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dance, Dance, Dance

For Christmas, my parents got Lily tap dance lessons at the Cornerstone Center for the Arts.  They meet one day a week for half an hour (trust me, this is enough!).  It is beginning tap, so they are learning basic steps.  Lily has been three times, and she loves it!  They don't like parents to be in the lesson, but I quickly snapped a few shots to have some memories.  She makes me laugh because she likes to twirl around and look at herself in the mirror.  She seems to be more into the cute outfits than learning new moves, but oh well!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Princess Ball

Last night, Lily and Jeff went to the Ball State Gymnastic Team's Princess Ball.  It was a mad house because over 500 people were expected.  Parker and I checked them in and stayed for a little bit, and then left to eat.  While I was gone, Lily and Jeff danced a little and then Lily's name was pulled for "Princess of the Ball."  She was crowned and even did a dance with daddy!  Since I was gone, Holly and Eric were able to get some video.  She had a great time, and it was fun seeing all the little girls dressed up!

Before pics...Lily was not happy about getting dressed up.  Luckily, her attitude changed!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy LOVE Day!

Sending some Quinn love everyone's way!  Happy Valentine's Day!  We hope you were able to spend time with the special people in your life today.

Thanks to my mom for having dinner made for Jeff and I when I got home from work.  After the week I have been having, I really appreciated this! And to all my fellow elementary school teacher friends-I hope you survived your Valentine's Day parties today.  Only teachers can fully appreciate the madness this day brings!