Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Before and After

Minus a couple of little things, our living is finally usable again! Jeff worked his butt off getting it ready for Lily's b-day party. I know he didn't appreciate my nagging, but it paid off! It looks so much bigger opened up more to the kitchen and playroom. I know we will get a lot of great use of this space. I finally feel like one part of this home feels like us (as Jeff put it-we brought a little bit of Janney back into our lives).

You will remember this-the mini bar behind the brownish/maroon doors...
Now here is a look at that same wall. There is an opening to the playroom and a bigger opening to the kitchen. No more mini bar. I will just have to mix drinks in my kitchen :)

Here is the view of one side of the living room before...
Here it is after...We went with a brownish/gold color on the walls. It really turned out beautiful and cozy!

Remember the rough cut cedar beams and popcorn ceiling before?
Here is my newly textured ceiling with new fan and pretty white beams!

This was the fireplace corner before we even moved into the house...
This is now the most beautiful part of the room. Jeff's new fireplace surround and mantle look so nice with white trim!
I am so thankful to have a very talented husband who works very hard to make every detail perfect. Now, what should we get into next?? :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tangled in Fun-Lily's Birthday

Lily had a fourth birthday that seemed to go on forever! Tuesday was her actual birthday and my MIL brought my niece and nephew over to sing Happy Birthday with a little cake and cupcakes in the morning. I took the afternoon off and went to preschool with her. We took ice cream cups and tea cookies to share.

Yesterday, we had a party at our house. It was quite crazy because we have been remodeling our living room and Jeff was pushing to get it back together until the last second! He wasn't very happy about me having him work around the clock, but the room looks great (pics to come). We had family and friends over for a Tangled party. It was lots of fun! Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us! Lily had a great time!! Here are some pictures from yesterday...

Thanks to Jeanie for making delicious cupcakes for us!

I was very happy with how cute the food turned out.

(Jello Boats were my favorite!)

For party favors, I made everyone a soundtrack cd that went along with the movie.

Thank you to Eric for these pictures that I stole from facebook :)

Thank you to Megan for doing face painting!

Today, we celebrated with more of our family at my Nana's house. It was crazy but fun!

My brother Aaron and his wife Angela both had their 24th b-day this month!

These are pictures I found on my camera of my MIL, Callie, and Evan singing to Lily on her birthday morning!

These are video clips from her school day birthday.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Lily Bug on her 4th birthday!

It is hard to believe that four years ago today (at 9:39 am) we were welcoming tiny, little you into the world. From the moment you were born you were full of spunk and quite stubborn-a trait that you get from me! I used to hear my mom and dad say how quickly times flies, and I didn't understand them until I had you. I truely cannot tell you how fast the last four years have been. We have enjoyed every second of you (okay, sometimes you make us want to pull our hair out). You are smart, creative, and a great big sister. I enjoy watching you learn new things and love the fact that you love to ask questions. You love to play make-believe with your toys. You also like to "make" things with playdough and paper. Preschool has been wonderful, and you love your school friends and teachers. They are helping you write your name, learn the days of the week, and you do so many art projects. I have to admit, watching you become so independent has made me teary eyed more than once. I am looking forward to continuing to be there as you grow. Happy Birthday Lily! We love you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

4 months

Parker is 4 months old today! He is chunkier and happier than ever :) He has his check-up next week, so I will post stats then. He is holding his head up really well during tummy time. He is "chatty" with all of his noises. He has a sweet smile and laugh. He is pretty easy to sooth-only getting really fussy if he is hungry or tired. He eats 4-5 oz in his bottles. Nights have been rough, and I need a solution for his tummy issues! He goes down in his crib around 7:30 fairly easily, but won't stay in there long. He is doing well to grab objects and chews his hands and toys constantly. We are blessed to have this wonderful baby boy in our family!!