Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

School's out! We started off the break right by going to a restaurant called Bonge's Tavern last night with friends. We "tailgated" for five hours waiting for a seat, but it was a great time! Today, family was over for a cookout. The kids had a fantastic time playing in the water. We ate good food and had fun visiting. I am looking forward to what summer may bring!

Lost my camera for a bit, so here is a random picture from Phoebe's Baptism. I have the privilege of being her godmother!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The end is near!

This is my last week of school! This time of year, I start complaining about the craziness, but time really has flown by. I cannot believe I will be finishing my 5th year of teaching. I am excited for summer break. Although, between cross country practice, Lily, and graduate school, I am not sure how much of a break I will have.
Expect pictures of summer fun soon. Lily and I will be doing storytime and hopefully more swim lessons.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Keys100 Ultra Marathon

I survived! I can now say that I have completed two ultra marathons!! Jeff and I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday afternoon. We were able to spend a couple of days relaxing with Traci and Tim. Friday, we even enjoyed a day out on their boat. Saturday, we headed to Marathon Key for the start of our race at 10:00 am. Traci and I were both excited to get going. The first half went surprisingly smooth (although it was really hot-almost reaching 90 degrees that day). Once we got to mile 26, we were able to shower off and change.

Traci started to feel really light headed and got sick a couple times. We headed out but only made it a couple miles before it was obvious that she was not okay. The medics checked her out and decided her blood pressure was WAY too low, so they hooked her up to oxygen and an iv (seriously scary seeing her on a stretcher). After waiting a few hours to see if she would start feeling better, she told me to go on.

I thought that she would not be able to finish, so I trucked along. I was happy to hear (about an 1.5 hours later) that she was going to keep going! I felt pretty good until the last 12 miles. My knees really gave me some grief. I wrapped an ice pack around and decided to push through. Jeff was kind enough to join me on the road that last 8 miles-he even ran a few miles with me! Running on a busy highway in the dark was pretty scary, so I was thrilled to have him out there.

Although Traci and I finished at different times, it was so wonderful to have both of us cross the finish line! 29 people didn't even finish the race, so I feel fortunate to have made it through.

No more near death experiences though Traci! We might need to try a marathon next cool Indiana weather! :) Thank you Traci and Tim for getting everything together for the weekend. We enjoyed our trip!

what do ultra marathoners eat the night before a race...bagel bites of course!

getting ready!

saying a prayer-believe me, this wasn't the only one I said that day!

my physical therapist would be glad to see me doing on of his hip stretches!

running along...

getting ready for the 7 mile bridge...

do you see the incline in the background?

rinsing off in the cold shower

my finish

holding our medals proudly!

Sunday, we were able to walk around Key West...