Saturday, October 31, 2009


very excited!

dancing to Eric's "hot dog" song

"this scarecrow is sooo big!"

dancing with the devil

the fireman is definitely a ladies' man

taking his angel for a spin

trying to escape to heaven

and here are the cutest kiddos ever!

looks like a movie poster!

this is when lily was getting her tights stained with mud, but it made for a great pic!

looking for a fire

genie and cleopatra

the real angel

nice hat lily!

eli as tigger

the fam...ready to go

olivia as "miss kitty" or "catwoman"

going up to get goodies

on a mission for more candy

ty is tipping his hat to the trick-or-treaters

probably choking on a sucker or pretzel

ty and his dog going to get candy

who knew a pig and 80's workout girl could be such good friends?

ty getting a ride from papaw

sleeping lucia

tallest woman on the block-thanks Matt for rescuing my back!

We had a very busy Halloween day! Sarah and I got up bright and early with Ty and Lily (much to our dismay) and decided to head out to Papaw Dick's (my grandpa's) house. He hasn't been in the greatest health, so it was nice to see him and visit with him. After lunch, we headed to the fire station where Ty's papaw works. They both loved the fire trucks! Next, Megan did a photo session with Callie, Lily, and Ty at Minnetrista. Lily ran and hit her head on the sidewalk as soon as we got there, so she wasn't very happy the rest of the day! We tried to make the best of it. We had a great dinner at Maria and Jason's and did some quick trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. We even got to go see Gigi (Grandma Greiner) for a little bit. By this time, Ty and Lily were ready to go home! After a quick bath, they both crashed very quickly! It was fun seeing them dressed up and walking around-even trying to say "trick-or-treat" to each house. Moms are tired though! AND where are the dads? Probably relaxing after a stressful day of hunting in the peace and quiet-what a life!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leaves and More Leaves!

she loves to find sticks in the yard

helping by picking up leaves in her bucket

poor buffy has to wear a cone because she has been gnawing her skin

Poor Jeff...he keeps blowing and picking up leaves, and they just keep coming back! It turned out to be a nice afternoon, so, after the grocery, Lily and I went for a walk and then played outside while Jeff worked in the backyard. Lily liked the leaves blowing everywhere! It was a beautiful fall day. So sad for work tomorrow :(

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Callie's First Birthday Party

the birthday devil

papaw pat was having fun!

tony and his big wig!

lily-trying to open presents that aren't hers!

native american mom has devil baby!

what a cute family! so festive!

the best part...cake!

Today, Callie had a Halloween themed first birthday. Sadly, I had to miss it because my cross country ran in the semi-state meet (that isn't sad because it was the first time we made it to that meet in 10 years), but Jeff took Lily in her angel costume. Both girls looked great! I heard the party was a fun time! Thanks for sending a cupcake home to me Holly :)