Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Visit

big kid bath

naked cousins...splashin' around

funny face


lily and ty with daisy and cobb (the dogs)

caden, hannah, and bunny

lily petting bunny

big boy eating cereal and carrots

with uncle russ

Pat, Sarah, and Ty came to visit this weekend. Saturday, I had my first cross country meet in Rushville, so Sarah helped with Lily while visiting with Monica, Kendra, and Hannah. I was happy to be able to see all of them when I finally got home. Sorry to Ty for all of Lily's rough play. She was very excited to see her cousin!! Sunday, after church, we visited Nana and the girls went to the mall. Mimi and Papaw Jim had the Greiner family Labor Day picnic later on Sunday. It was lots of fun seeing everyone.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

7 months old!

laughing at daddy

crawling stance


lil and puppy

playing with grass pieces

doll face

We don't know where the time has gone! Seven months have passed already!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We can't keep up...

playing in her "confined" safe place-the playpen!

pulling herself up-she was mad I wouldn't get her

in baby jail

relaxing with mommy after a long week of work

Lily is doing so many new things. Each day, I watch her learn something. She recently started saying "baba." On Friday, when Mimi (Grandma Mel) was leaving, she was trying to pull herself up in bed. On Saturday, as I was organizing things in her room, she crawled to my phone! Yes, she isn't even 7 months, and she is crawling. We are in for trouble! She can now get into everything. Nothing is safe! It is fun to watch her work so hard to get to the object she wants-her favorite is cell phones (wonder where she gets that from!). You can see that she doesn't like the feel of carpet on her knees, so she tries to pick them up. Goofy girl!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another sleepless weekend!

the moms and baby girls

the girls-not looking at the camera

playing with her farm animals

jen, caitlyn, holly, lydgia

lydge and cait

lily watching holly and eric open gifts

pretty in pink

lily trying to take her bumbo chair back!


holly's belly :)

hi ty!

lily needs to work on being nice, but she gets excited to see ty!

WOW! We have a busy, fun weekend! Sarah, Pat, and Ty came on Friday night. Lily and Ty are so cute together. They "talk" baby language back and forth and play toys! Saturday, we had a baby shower at the Quinn's for Holly and Eric. Holly only has about 10 more weeks before she is due. We can't wait to meet baby Jones! Dan, Jen and Caitlyn came up for the weekend. We were able to see them at the shower and swim with them on Sunday. Caitlyn is growing up! Lydgia's Aunt Mary is also in from North Carolina. She was able to meet Lily and Ty at a Greiner family baptism and Pizza King party! We hope Lily is sooo tired she will sleep all night (hahaha).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Pat!

Lily sent her Grandpa Quinn a special birthday message today!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Buddha Belly!

trying to crawl

playing in her room


this face just says "trouble"

knocking over her toy basket

pulling ALL of her toys out-this is a new game!

perfect shot of the double chin

Traci and Holly-I know you love to check pictures daily, so I will keep taking them :) Here is Lily, entertaining Jeff and I! She has started "yelling" at her toys. Later in life, she might need anger management classes or maybe she is just practicing to be a teacher! AND just look at her belly. I couldn't believe how it was folding over her diaper today!! Must be all those fruits and veggies!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff!

lucia and the magician's bunny(it was huge)-church picnic

lily and her church boyfriend alex

lucia and jason

wayne the magician

in the bounce house

mom is too old to be bouncing!

we made maria slide

having fun

lily and daddy chillin'

this is cool!

the big bounce house

nana sneaking some watermelon to lil

This was a busy weekend for us. Saturday morning, I had cross country pictures and then spent a few hours working on my classroom. Jeff was in charge of Lily. She hasn't really been the best of babies because she has a little congestion and teething issues, but he made it! Later that evening, we had "date night" and went to Olive Garden for dinner. We were going to go to a movie, but we were too tired (give us a break, we have a daughter who doesn't sleep at night!) so we went and bought running shoes and called it a night at 8:00. Pathetic, I know! Baby steps!

Today after church, we had our parish picnic. I help organize the event, so it was kind of busy. The turn out was great, and everyone had a good time. Lily even had her first experience in a jumpy thing (don't know the technical term). She laughed and had fun.
It was also Jeff's 34th birthday today. Sadly, we did nothing too exciting after the picnic. Lily and I did allow him a birthday nap, and then the day went on as usual. After Lily FINALLY fell asleep, we celebrated with some cheesecake! I even sang a "Happy Birthday" solo :) Both of us are off to work tomorrow. BOOOO!
I am posting lots of random photos/video clips for your viewing. Thought you would enjoy!

lily and mommy doing what they do best-goofing around!